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Welcome to our first Products for Pay Day linky party!  The bloggers of Focused on Fifth have come together to share with you our FAVOURITE products to share with you this month.

This month I'm going to go indepth on my best seller.

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This product has seriously been a well used addition to my classroom over the past 4 years, and a welcome addition to hundreds of classrooms around the world since I uploaded it to TPT a year ago.

Included are 60 cards with question stems that can be used with any book - with particular focus on fiction texts.  I do have a non fiction version (or a version for younger readers too, if you are teaching younger grades!)

The first thinking skill covered is the remembering skill.  In these 10 cards, the focus is on recall, and remembering what has happened in the story so far.

Once students have mastered recalling facts from a text, they can move on to the all important skill of understanding what has happened.  This is where students are able to describe events, characters, and parts of a text in their own words.
After that comes the skills of analysing and applying.  Inference skills, and the ability to relate events to their own life come into play here.

There are a few great hands on activities suggested in these cards too!

Finally, the synthesis and evaluation cards. These cards are truely all about the higher order thinking skills.  The questions on these cards require students to really understand the text so that they can modify, rewrite, or even change complete sections of the story.

My favourite thing about these cards is the way that my students have taken ownership of their learning through using them.  They choose their own cards, generally one from each level, and tackle hard themes and concepts, all while reading a book of their choosing.

The cards are generic enough that they can be used with any book, but specific enough that you will be able to cover what ever skill you need to - all while promoting higher order thinking.

I will have all my Bloom's products on sale at 20% off for the next three days.  Check them out using the links below!

Original Bloom's (as featured in this blog post)
Bloom's for younger readers
Bloom's for non-fiction texts
AND the bundle of all three of the above sets

Check out what the rest of the Focussed on Fifth bloggers have for you over at the linky!

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