It's time for a new month!

Kid President has declared this month "YESvember".  I like that.

I like KP

Let's do this thing!

The beautiful Farley has once again knocked it out of the park with her Currently linky party.  I love this time of each month.

Something new

Something exciting

Something different!

Listening - Yup pretty much in love listening to her at the moment!  And the different artists that pop up on that station are awesome too.

Loving - Have you heard of the leaf by bellabeat?  Probably not! I hadn't!  Well about two months ago an add popped up on facebook that caught my eye.  It was for this necklace thing that can track your steps and your cycle, help with your stress through breathing exercises, and can track your sleeping too.
PLUS it looks awesome.
I was going to get a fitbit, but I had really wide wrists, and never fit bracelets.  So was super excited when my leaf came in the mail!!

Click the image to head to Bellabeat and find out more!
Thinking - there are 6 and a half weeks until this year is done.  Done and dusted, another year gone - summer is on it's way.  I'm NOT ready.  33 reading assessments, 28 end of year reports, and everything else that happens that the end of a year!  OH BOY SLOW DOWN WORLD!

Wanting - I just want someone to run my life for me at the moment.  I just can't keep up.

Needing - I have the cutest niece and nephew and it has been WAY too long since I saw them.  I need to get some cuddle time in ASAP!

Yummy - World's easiest and yummiest salad?!  Yes please!!

Until next time!


  1. YUM! That cauliflower salad looks delish!! I will have to look into the Leaf.. It sounds cool!!
    Very Perry Classroom

  2. Love the sound of this salad! I love my FitBit but I'll have to check out bellabeat, the necklace looks so cute.
    Stars and Wishes

  3. I agree, that cauliflower salad looks really good! I had not counted the weeks we had left-that is kind of scary. Time really does fly some years.

    Not Just Child's Play

  4. I think all teachers need a personal assistant! I think if a big corporate executive had to do all the things we try to fit into a day, they'd have a mental breakdown by noon. Hang in always gets done somehow!
    On the Go Teacher Mama

  5. Your blog is adorable!

    I'm looking forward to trying your recipe. Sounds nice and healthy (unlike my recipe).



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