What am I reading?

As teachers we read a lot right?

We read the books we are about the give our kids to study.
We read literature telling us how to be a better teacher.
We read reports and other formal documents.
We read emotions, tensions, situations.

But when do we get to read for fun?

To be honest since I became a teacher I have read less and less for myself.  I can, and would, devour books in single sittings. Jodi Picoult was my go to for ages.  Now I don't allow myself to read unless it's the holidays.  I just don't have time!

However, I cheated this term.  I'm totally reading!

What?  Well I am reading "I am not Esther" - the first of three books from New Zealand author Fleur Beale.  I first read this book as a teenager, and loved it.  I am fascinated by exclusive religious groups - particularly ones that are similar, but not the same to Christianity.

This book, and the two that follow - "I am Rebecca", and "Being Magdelene", are set in an exclusive religious group called The Children of Faith.  Esther is actually called Kirby, and is taken in by her Uncle and his family after her mother abandons her.  She struggles to accept the situation she is in and fights to find a way out.  It's a great novel to read for young adults.

I'm pretty sure you can grab it from the Amazon kindle store - you totally should!

Head over to Focused on Fifth to hear some other GREAT reading suggestions!

Focused on Fifth


  1. No time to read.I hear you! I try to make up for it each summer. You should see the stack I take on vacation each year. Adding your suggestions to my list for next summer.
    The Research Based Classroom

  2. I, too, am guilty of this, Erin. I never have enough time to read. I have been trying to keep a book for pleasure at work and read when my kiddos are doing their own independent reading. I will look into this one.

    The Organized Plan Book


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