I'm a big fan of using parody in the classroom.  I always have been!  Stick around for today's link up with my girls over at Focused on Fifth to see how I use it at Christmas time!

About a year ago I legitimately used the song Amish Paradise to teach my students something.  I can't for the life of me remember what that something was - but that is beside the point!  The great thing about that song (and all the rest of the songs Weird Al Yankovich sings) is that they are a perfect example of parody.  Totally inappropriate to use with children!! But parody none the less.

Hi Friends!

We're talking all things holiday writing today!  I have to admit, I find it a reaaaallll struggle to write with my students at this time of the year.  Here in New Zealand we are on the count down to SUMMER, so we have that to contend with too.  I'm linking up with my pals over at Focused on Fifth to bring you some super holiday writing ideas!

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