Unwrapping Holiday Classroom Ideas: Day 9

I'm a big fan of using parody in the classroom.  I always have been!  Stick around for today's link up with my girls over at Focused on Fifth to see how I use it at Christmas time!

About a year ago I legitimately used the song Amish Paradise to teach my students something.  I can't for the life of me remember what that something was - but that is beside the point!  The great thing about that song (and all the rest of the songs Weird Al Yankovich sings) is that they are a perfect example of parody.  Totally inappropriate to use with children!! But parody none the less.

When it comes to Christmas you don't have to look far on youtube to find plenty of parodies.  I love these three in particular!


Santa Party Rock

All About that list

Santa and I know it

This year I tried my hand at combining these songs (and others) together to create a dance track.  SOOOOO much fun.  We've cut out the not so good bits and our students will be rocking it next Tuesday at our end of year celebrations.

But how could you use this in the classroom?  Well write your own of course!  Take a song that isn't already parodied and write your own!



What are you waiting for?!

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