What are my 2016 plans and goals?

When I was typing in that title, I wrote 2015.  I don't know if it was that subconscious "I don't know what the date is" thing we all get at the start of any new year, or the fact that 6 is further along the keyboard than 5 is.  You are technically supposed to use your right hand to type 6, but I never type using the correct fingers all the time!

I'm linking up with some of my favourites for the first time!  I can't believe it.  Every month I intent to link up, but it hasn't happened until now!

This year my one little word is NIKE.  Just Do It.  I intend to do all I can to get out of my comfort zone.  That includes putting myself out there in social events.
I come across as very extroverted, but in actuality I quite enjoy being by myself.  I am what I like to call an outgoing introvert.  It doesn't take me long to become fast friends with anyone, but I am not very good at "making the first move" so to speak.  This year I'm going to try change that.

When it comes to my store/teacherpreneur side of things, I'm am aiming to add at least 2 new products each month.  I have a few ideas, it's just the motivation I am lacking!  But really when it comes to summer break I will ALWAYS put a beach/family day ahead of work!

Finally hauora.  Hauora is a Maori word for wellbeing.  It covers all areas - mental, physical, spiritual, and social.  I'm planning on doing one thing every day that makes me healthier.  Be it adding in more water, or cutting something like sugar out.  Maybe one day it will be just spending the day in bed.  Who knows!

What are your plans and goals for the year?  Head over to Ashley or Angie's blog and link up!

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  1. Love your goal of getting out of your comfort zone...may be a good one for me, too!

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  3. Nike definitely speaks words of wisdom! Sometimes, it's great trying new things and putting yourself out there. I always think - why didn't I do this sooner? Best of luck with your plans for the New Year!

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  4. Love your word! how you are actively taking steps to make a change in your life. How awesome!

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  5. I LOVE that your word of the year is NIKE! You will do amazing things and I cannot wait to see where this year takes you! :)

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