It's August... It's also term 3 here in New Zealand.  I've had this class of kids for 7 months, and I STILL haven't got them trained.

It's like working with monkeys.  Except that monkeys are cute!

I got moved down to year 1 and 2 this year.  (K/1 for you 'Mericans).  So you know how crazy that is, I have taught middle school for most of my career... 5 year olds are HARD!

The cute factor wears thin veeeeeery quickly....

So I've not been active here for about a million years.  Well since January.  And while there are a ton of reasons why, really they are just excuses.

1.  5 year olds are hard!
2. My flatmate is an annoying weirdo... Totally not a reason not to blog, but I did warn you this post was about excuses!
3. There was this one time that I totally got abducted and aliens probed my brain.

Ok so that last one was totally fake, and my excuses aren't really panning out to much, but hey!

I'm back... for now!

Let's see how long this lasts!

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